Marketing and Customer Strategy

Big Data is changing the face of marketing and customer strategies. It is the single most important opportunity for businesses since the popularization of the Internet and e-Commerce. Businesses are now able to access new insights because computing technology allows for the crunching of vast amounts of customer data. Big Data embodies a management process by which Portemus helps its clients obtain new insights into the existing and new customer segments, drive increased life time value, increase sales effectiveness and analyse customer experience.

  • Customer Insights & Segmentation

    Understanding the most effective customer segmentation model and how that fits your competitive positioning and business strategy is critical for success. Advanced analytics and Big Data can provide drastically greater resolution of customer segments and often reveals new insights compared with traditional simplified segmentation models. This drives new high resolution insights and allows you to value and treat microsegments differently.

    Portemus consultants work alongside your marketing and sales teams to collect existing segmentation schema and analyse existing structured data and new broad unstructured customer data usage patterns to build a new segmentation platform that delivers actionable insight to your business.  Once acquired, this new platform becomes one of the key levers for driving the marketing mix.

  • Customer Lifecycle Management

    Understanding customer segmentation allows for powerful insights in managing customer lifecycles. However, customer segmentation that neglects channel segmentation is blunted.  In addition to traditional structured data that provides insights to lifetime value (LTV), we examine how channel and other important metrics affect the segmentation system.  It is only once you look at LTV within this context that you can align customer acquisition costs and compute ultimate customer profitability measures.

    Our solutions deliver sustainable value creation permitting clients to choose where on the revenue vs profit curve they wish to live.

  • Transformation Programs

    We work with clients to create and implement necessary and beneficial transformation programs to put new intra- and interdepartmental processes and policies in place to ensure that the new analytical insight is actioned and capitalised upon.

  • Customer Experience

    We help clients improve the service experience of their customers, whether experienced through digital, call centre, or brick and mortal.   We look at the total experience delivered across all of the touch points and ensure that its linked to the strategic positioning of the business.

    By creating behaviour maps, we can perform a gap analysis against a competitive set. This helps drives greater insights into customers and their decisions and actionable remedies.

  • Sales & Channel Effectiveness

    Understanding the totality of marketing spend across the business and its return on marketing expense (ROME) and net margin contribution is critical for tuning the market mix.  Lifetime value, customer acquisition costs, potential volumes, and ultimately profitability can vary dramatically across channels.  We help customers understand how to define and measure success across refined channels maps so as to build out and understand each channels behaviour and contribution towards revenue, profit and customer volumes.

    When combined with pricing, customer lifecycle management, and segmentation studies, Portemus helps customers to stop leaving money on the table and generate the correct metrics for controlling and optimizing business performance.

  • Pricing

    Pricing is the arguably the single easiest lever to pull in the organisation to drive profit generation. Understand its impact on revenue and profit is critical for every business. Likewise, providing pricing models and packages (and how customers transition across them) makes the difference between market-leading companies and mere average ones.

    We are experienced in the whole array of pricing models.  We have deep experience helping clients transition from traditional pricing models to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).