Business Technology

Business Technology is a key enabler for companies to reach their mission, achieve business results, and is often transformative of business models. IT departments are changing from cost-centres to critical business partners, providing insights, improving customer satisfaction, and driving product delivery.

  • Technology Strategy

    Portemus creates technology visions, missions, and architectures that maximise business results, providing context and plans for business success. We have deep experience in developing strategic plans and leading transformations across the board but have specialty units for:

      • Big Data. Big data fundamentally changes the way that business compete.  It is a fundamental change to the way that we think about and approach business and analytics.
      • Cybersecurity. With EU privacy laws and enforcement actions escalating to new levels and the backdrop of cyber-warfare between states and large multinationals, cybersecurity has risen to a strategic level. How do you protect your customers and business?
      • Cloud Computing.  Almost all businesses would increase capability, speed to market, and reduce costs by leveraging cloud computing.  However, in order to achieve these results, careful planning and implementation are key to success.
  • Technology Performance Improvement

    Companies can be hindered from achieving business results if their IT departments don’t keep pace with the changing technology landscape.  We help business leaders and underperforming IT teams understand what it takes to succeed.

    We look at IT governance and strategy plans and how that aligns with the business objective. By helping new IT capabilities are ensconced and utilised in the business fabric, we maximise results and support the overarching corporate goals.

  • IT Audit and Benchmarking

    Whether for M&A, diverstitures or ensuring the benefit of the latest thinking, Portemus undertakes full IT audits and benchmarking activities so businesses can understand their position.  We also work side-by-side with our clients to develop a blueprint to seize any outstanding opportunities and rectify any deficiencies.

  • IT Transformations

    While new technology solutions remains a large part of IT transformations, program success often hinges on proper change management, organisational design and focus on benefit realisations.

    Portemus works along-side technology implementation vendors, enterprise architects, and project management offices to ensure results are delivered to maximise future success.

    We provide enterprise-wide architecture services, project management offices, and whole cloth strategic technology design. Additionally, we help clients quantify benefits and drive program management initiatives to realise maximum benefit in the shortest period of time.