Business Operations

Portemus helps clients strengthen their business operations. We help create and refine operational strategies and take an active hand in implementing them to solve key business issues.

  • Human Resources

    By combining decades of HR practice with the new world of analytics, games, and mobility, we help firms maximise their human capital to assert and sustain competitive advantage.

  • Product Development

    Portemus works with clients to manage new product development opportunities.  Whether it be refining customer requirements, minimum capability to launch, or process design, Portemus consultants work imbedded in your organisation to ensure successful delivery.

    We are experts at translating marketing requirements into product design objectives.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Creating excellence in the supply chain is a prerequisite for achieving outstanding performance in so many industries.  Aligning supply chain design with overall business unit strategy is of critical importance to win.  Understanding the relative importance of risk sharing, flexibility, cost reduction, and customer service support amongst suppliers is key to successfully design win-win opportunities with your supply chain.

    That’s why, we always start a supply chain case study with a probe of the overall strategy and understanding how the supply chain needs to support it, along with other key componentry such as IT, sales and operations, organisational design, and a deep examination of metrics.

  • Personal Data & Privacy

    With record fines handed out, new EU laws permitting tomorrow’s fines to be the greater of 5% of global revenue or €100 million, and damage caused companies being the victim of cybercrime, personal data and privacy has never been more important that it is today.

    We work along side your team to ensure that customer data is protected using best practices and deploy risk mitigation strategies and reporting systems to ensure your organisation is covered.  

  • Performance Improvement/Complexity Reduction

    Performance improvement is often achieved through a comprehensive review to identify the key opportunities that exist, whether internal or external, that will drive improvement by increase efficiency, reduced cost, or deeper understanding of the market.

    Complexity grows within the organization just as entropy grows within our universe.   The more complex the organisation, the more difficult it is to manage. This increases the cognitive load on managers and requires greater performance requirements on managers to just keep on top of their organization and ensure its delivering its objectives, leaving less time for innovation and necessary improvements to key process and structure.

    We work within the organisation to remove much of the complexity, allowing for reduced load on managers and greater internal mobility of human capital, driving greater innovation, reduced attrition, and greater performance.

  • Service Teardowns

    We tear apart competitor services and understand how the service is build. We look under the hood of web services and look at the component parts used to build the service.  We work along-side client technology and marketing teams to understand key learnings from competitive services and develop strategies and tactical plans to take advantage these key learnings.

  • Credit Risk

    The availability of new data and large scale computing capability has generated demand for credit risk on demand. Modeling from traditional credit rating agencies have been slow to pick up this new data and add it to their models.

    Portemus works with lenders to evaluate the fraud and credit risk models. Developing new risk and data-driven models, Portemus has been able to increase model effectiveness by more than 30% (when measured by Gini coefficient).