Our Industry Experience

Portemus consultants work extensively across a number of industries.  We bring learning from big data and analytical studies across from other industries.

Recent Case Studies

Online marketing decisioning analytics platform drives customer acquisition

Real-time big data analytics and control system drive up revenue…

360° view of the customer boosts EBITDA by $18m

  We began the engagement by identifying…

Forensic review shows content licensing audit logs were incomplete and/or altered

Computer forensics reveals missing £850,000 in licensing revenue   A…

Credit risk on sub-prime lending

35% better gini coefficient; 68% reduction in fraudulent loans   A…

Turning around a failing plant

OTIF increased from 84% to 98%.    We were brought…



Wave after wave of market change has hit telecommunications companies. Whether regulatory or technological, telecoms executives have had to re-invent themselves and their business processes to succeed. Portemus helps our clients focus on delivering transformations and achieving results that provide sustainable value.

Financial Services

With greater and more stringent regulation, banking and insurance companies are looking for ways to use Big Data to open new insights into customer behaviour, pricing, process optimizations, and upselling and crossing selling products.

High Tech

Few other industries have embraced such fundamental change as much as High Tech. This presents both new opportunities and challenges to business models and processes. Whether it is the need to transform the business from selling products to Software-as-a-Services (SaaS) or driving new insights on customer usage and pricing models, challenges in High Tech are fundamental to business and fast-paced. Portemus helps high tech leaders apply learnings from other industrials and drive faster more profitable business.


We help our clients adjust their cost structure, modify supply chains, execute successful technology renewal strategies and redesign their organisations.

Media & Entertainment

The world’s media industries are undergoing fast-paced change as digital transformations affect not only media formats and delivery methods, but also business models. Portemus helps its clients with licensing and auditing content, launching omni-channel delivery platforms, and delivering media programming over mobile.

Government & Public Sector

Portemus helps governments and other public sector organizations deliver sustainable improvements to service delivery.